José María Vitier

▪ Pianista, Compositor, Director ▪

Imágenes en la memoria

Imágenes en la memoria

It has been 25 years already since those days, however, En silencio ha tenido que ser and all the TV series that followed for almost a decade have remained present in the minds of the viewers and of almost all of the musicians and artists who, like me, were barely beginning their careers then.

These are truly unforgettable memories. Not only was the acid test for me at a moment when I was 25 years old and my work was appearing for the first time in front of a huge audience, but it was a time of brutal working sessions that, for months, kept me writing during the day to record that same night. I had the chance then to meet and share my time with first rate artists (actors and musicians) and also of witnessing the first professional steps of others that, though today are very well known, at the time were just beginning their careers and used to come to the recording studios wearing the uniform of the National School of Art.

In this song anthology, which barely includes a small sample of the work accomplished then, appears a very important part of my life. Time has not been able to erase those memories from my heart. And I know it will never be able to do that.

Collection 30 años de música. José María Vitier. 2006. 8 CDs and 2 DVDs. Record label Autor.